As well as lots of weddings filling my weekends at the moment, I have been doing a quite a bit commercial photography in Devon during the week. This week some of my commercial photography was a lot closer to home. On wednesday I had two photo shoots, one in the morning and one in the evening.

The photo shoot in the morning was at Bratton Clovelly, which is about 5 minutes from my house. This was for the lovely Bury family that run Eversfield Organic, their business is Ran by Mark (The Dad) with Hamish(Then son) being in charge of the butchery and Anna (The daughter) running all the marketing side of the business. We did the photo shoot out side on their beautiful farm that overlooks Dartmoor.

DSC_5349 DSC_5462

My second photo shoot of the day took my 5 minutes in the other direction of my house to Okehampton. It was for the brilliant Sevens Estate Agents, who are another family run business based in Okehampton and they wanted a photo shoot up on the moor overlooking Okehampton.

DSC_5547 DSC_5583

I had a lovely day, and with the weather being sunny and tranquil I truly felt there was no better job that day than being a photographer.