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Wowee this week has been rather varied!

I spent the beginning of the week in London at The Neurology Hospital having different scans, they’re painful and not something I’d like to do too often, but as I’m lying there in one of the most painful checkups possible all I can think is ‘Hell yes I’m strong’ and If I’m capable of going through all I’ve been through so far then, ‘go on life throw something else at me and see what I do!’ You see I try and put on this brave/cool front, and I’m surrounded by so many people telling me ‘Well done’ and I often think ‘Well I haven’t actually done anything? But thanks!’ However at that moment I was actually impressed with myself for dealing with situations be it an appointment or treatment and not having a complete meltdown. I guess you never know how you’d be in a situation until you’re there.

On the way home it was time to start thinking of the meeting I had that night with a bride and groom and I became excited and no longer anxious about getting back into the wedding season. The meeting was great and I honestly can’t wait to photograph their wedding tomorrow!

Today and Thursday I haven’t done anything except answer emails for the business and have spent my time on the farm, either my family one or my boyfriends. Last night I slept in his calving shed, however in the day yesterday I was helping my brother with the lambing…Safe to say I was a tad tired this morning! I made sure this morning I took it easy but the rest of the day I have been helping my Dad with the cattle. I feel this is key in recovery, to be taking it easy and not overworking my brain with my business but keeping busy enough so I am healthy by helping others around me. I just need to make sure I only have 1 night a week I stay up past 9 else I start shutting down.

Lets hope recovery continues at this pace!

‘Stay smiling!’




^ My ‘Adopted Nephew’ visiting me in hospital.


^ My Mum on the way home from London.


^ Photo taken today before we moved some cattle…My Mum, Niece and Sister.