I’ve been asked to photograph many amazing things over the last 6 years but last week was a first for me. I photographed the birth of Baby Rupert for my very good friends Jenna & Dec and to say it was an honour to be asked would be a huge understatement.

I went into the hospital with them on Sunday 22nd April. Jenna was induced in the morning and then the waiting game begun, the time I spent with them is time I am always going to treasure and hold very close to my heart, we became a little team and we were on a journey together that I will never truly be able to explain. On Tuesday the 24th April I woke up at 1am (on a sofa in the hospital conservatory – the place that had become my ‘home’) to find that Jenna had, had her waters broken and the labour had truly began.

The next few hours are some that I could never have prepared myself for – (I should probably mention that this was the first birth I had witnessed!)

I’ve never seen anything so natural and beautiful. I feel the word ‘natural’ sums up how perfect the whole experience was.

I haven’t really mentioned Jenna or Dec yet, they were a pretty major part of all of this! The bond the two of them have is something I don’t even know where to begin in explaining. Dec was the most perfect birthing partner you could imagine, he kept spirits high yet was 100% there for Jenna and you could tell he’d do anything for her. Jenna was incredible, I get goosebumps even now, just thinking back to how she handled everything the 3 days threw at her, she was there having a baby and didn’t once complain, she showed strength that you rarely see in a person, the strength that also shows so much love, she is a beautiful person and it couldn’t have been more obvious.

I’m grateful for this opportunity and what it showed me; love, strength and togetherness.

It’s certainly something I will never ever forget.


Images from the first birth I’ve experienced…