I have no experience at being a mother, but I am very privileged to have the chance to be around a number of families. Not only my siblings with their families but also my work means I get to spend time with a number of families too.

I always admire parents at how they deal with situations, ones that quite frankly I’d just scream.

Living with my sister Lucy and her family for the last 6 weeks has given me the opportunity to realise what an incredible job she is doing. She has unknowingly taught me many things that I can apply to my life, whilst teaching her own babies a vast number of life skills.

The main reason I am writing this blog, is because of the biggest talent that I feel Lucy is lucky to have. This skill is so valuable that I am going to try and take it away with me when I leave them next week.

Their life here is crazy, always busy. Yet Lucy will always be baking, not only for her family but also making sure other families we visit have something too. No it isn’t her baking that I am in awe of (even though it is very yummy!). What I would love the most is her ability to put others first, even when her life is chaos, if someone asks anything of her, she will be there to help.

In my life, I am more than happy to help anyone with anything, however I will make sure the washing up and my to do list is done first. But why is that important? Surely helping others and spending time with them, should always come first? How is it I am putting my dishes and emails as a priority?

Today is the last day of the school holiday’s here in New Zealand, we’re all having a much needed day of getting things done, all ready for tomorrow. Whilst putting washing away with Lucy, Reggie(Her eldest son) came and asked her to read a story. Lucy at this point was basically juggling, doing so many things at once, yet somehow she hadn’t dropped one ball. I naturally was thinking ‘Reg, are you actually crazy?! Can’t you see we’re busy putting washing away?’ but no, not Lucy. She in less than a second thought about how this time tomorrow she won’t be able to read to him, and was over the moon to sit down with him and Bessie.

I felt that even though not all of us are mothers we can all apply this to our lives. Tomorrow you might not have the chance to be with someone, to help them and improve their life in some way. Maybe a friend you keep rearranging the coffee date for, or the neighbour you never give more than a smile as you walk out the door, well they might be needing a chat with you more than your floor needs a hoover.

So my aim is that when someone asks, or maybe not even asks and the moment just presents it self. I will be there.

Much Love

Em xx

*disclaimer…As I was writing this Reggie started talking to me and I said ‘not now Reg, Emi needs to finish this.’…Turns out I need to try a bit harder!