Today there is a lovely article about me in the S Magazine that comes in the Sunday Express.


I wrote in my earlier blog about the Okehampton Times doing a profile about me and how one thing lead to another resulting in me appearing in it. Well, this happened again…

When I ended up in the final of the Jack Wills Young Brits Awards, the S Magazine contacted them asking for someone they could do an article and Jack Wills kindly suggested me.

I want anyone who sees these articles to know the thought of running a business might be scary, but to me, if I was to not run a business, that would be petrifying! After all, everyone is different and everyone has different skills and this is what is great about the world – if we all were the same the world just wouldn’t work.

Just because I have a story that has been written about me doesn’t mean I’m any more successful and just because someone else doesn’t have a business story starting when they were 8 doesn’t mean they can’t run a business much better than I can.

Everyone starts somewhere and no two business men/women have the same background but it doesn’t mean one is better than another. I want people to know that no matter what age, if you have a dream you can do it. I was 8 but you can be 18 or 88 – it really doesn’t matter, just have the guts to try and believe in yourself!