I can’t think of a better way to end the year than to have a wedding on New Year’s Eve, and that’s what I had working as a wedding photographer till the very last moment of 2014 (luckily I love my job!).

It was a brilliant day, with everyone still full of the christmas spirit and also all excited about the New Year.

The wedding was held at The Bedford Hotel, Tavistock, Devon. I arrived nice and early – before the bride was even there – to get shots of the groom and groomsmen before all the guests arrived. I wanted to take photos of them outside in front of the hotel and, keeping to tradition, didn’t want the bride and groom to catch a glimpse of each other before. – (I could just picture the bride pulling up in the car whilst I was still taking photos of the groom outside!)

devonweddingphotographerDSC_2645emily fleur photography

When the bride arrived she quickly went upstairs to get her dress on. She’d had her hair and makeup done at the salon first so it wasn’t long before she was ready.

devonweddingphotographerDSC_2785emily fleur photography

devonweddingphotographerDSC_2871emily fleur photography

devonweddingphotographerDSC_2847emily fleur photography

I photographed the bride and her bridesmaids doing finishing touches, then swiftly went downstairs to get everything ready for the ceremony and to check lighting and to meet the registrar.

devonweddingphotographerDSC_2887emily fleur photography

devonweddingphotographerDSC_2900emily fleur photography

The ceremony was lovely and had a beautiful light next to a mirror that helped lighten up the room for the photos.

devonweddingphotographerDSC_2971emily fleur photography

After the ceremony we went outside to get some family photos before the temperamental Devon weather (wind and rain!) set in. The Bedford has a lovely garden hidden behind the hotel, which is where I wanted to take the photos and luckily the weather stayed perfect to do so.

devonweddingphotographerDSC_3319emily fleur photography

devonweddingphotographerDSC_3419emily fleur photography

devonweddingphotographerDSC_3790emily fleur photography

devonweddingphotographerDSC_3754 - Version 2emily fleur photography

Once it came to the evening antics, everyone was ready to party (being New Year’s that was no surprise!). The first dance was lovely with all the guests soon piling in to dance as well.

devonweddingphotographerDSC_4242emily fleur photography

devonweddingphotographerDSC_4309emily fleur photography

I left after the first dance but I’m sure they all had a brilliant evening!

Best Wishes