I took off the winter from photography, to have a little bit of time to find myself again. I needed to reevaluate things and take the time to learn some new photography skills whilst getting to know some new equipment.

In the last few months, I’ve been able to sit down and think about what I really want to get out of my photography business, rekindling the passion that was there when I started in 2012.

I am bursting with excitement at the thought of finally getting back into doing what I love the most. No, that isn’t photography – Photography only comes in at second; first is hands down making people happy with the service I provide.

So, what have the last few months taught me? (Other than the fact I LOVE my ‘job’ and have missed it like crazy!)

  1. I’ve sat down and fully got to grips with all the different buttons on the camera – it sounds silly, but there are so many to learn and I’ve never had the time to completely familiarise myself with them all.
  2. I want to truly be there for my customers 24/7, quickly responding to questions they may have and helping them with ideas for their shoot or day.
  3. I find it so so hard to say no to people, especially if it’s someone who really wants me to photograph their day, but I’ve realised that I’m not the very best version of myself unless I take on less. For this reason, I will be doing a maximum of 15 weddings a year, none of which will be back to back and never more than three Saturdays in a row.
  4. I want to be more active on social media. So go find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter for lots of up to date photos and interactions!
  5. I get so many people asking for guidance to do with photography and running a business. So, I’ve decided that during any weeks in which I don’t have a wedding, I will be doing YouTube videos on the most commonly asked questions.