Summer to most people means relaxed evenings, trips to the beach and BBQs. Sounds idyllic doesn’t it? Summer to farmers is completely different! But it’s still just as perfect. I see summer as fish and chips in the field, as my Dad is wrapping bales whilst I’m sat on freshly mown grass and you watch the sun sink beneath the never ending landscape of farmers still working hard. I used to love my Mum getting a last minute call from my Dad to bring more net for the bales quickly to the field in the old farm car, which means bundling in it along with all the old twine and rattling mugs and flasks that Mum has quickly put in a picnic basket for dad as she doesn’t want him to get thirsty! It’s a lifestyle that has no limits and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

I find my photography takes on the style it does because of my up bringing. During the busy farming year if I have a spare second not to be editing wedding photos or catching up with emails I pop outside and take photos of where it all began.

Attached are photos of my friend Dec’s summer happenings, he may only be 20 but has already taken on all the skills required to be a successful farmer. They show what it is to be a farmer at this time of year.

The Beautiful Dartmoor backdrop.

DSC_0053 - Version 2











































This photo I like because you can clearly see it’s taken out the back of a tractor, and has the perfect Dartmoor scenery.

























This is a photo of Dec’s little brother Joe, also a keen farmer, only 15 and still attends Okehampton College.

























I wanted to post these photos so others can see what makes my photography style more relaxed and natural, showing my roots and what makes me, me!