Yesterday I did something that to me was BIG. I spoke in front of a church full of people. This is something I’ve always been really scared to do because I never feel I’ll know what to say, and everyone will be left wondering why I feel I am good enough to talk about god. Truth is I know pretty much nothing when it comes to the bible. However a person I massively respect gave me the confidence and I am over the moon that I did it.

I talked about my illness, and how I felt that god helped me get through it with a smile on my face.

As I spoke I looked out at the congregation, I was in absolute awe of those I saw in front of me. The age range, the stories all of them have and yet it was me at the front speaking. I honestly feel out of all the incredible things I’ve seen and done in the last month, nothing compares to speaking for the first time in church, and it being the other side of the earth. I felt more at ease and free to say what I truly wanted. How crazy is it to think I so nearly said no to speaking?

I’d love everyone to try and say yes to doing something that they’d love to do but feel too petrified. If it’s something you genuinely want to do then you should give it a shot.

I’ve been thinking about out how I want to do my social media. My audience doesn’t contain many people that’d be interested in the church things I do but I don’t want to be posting photos that I love and then afterwards judging how good they are on how many likes they get. I also want to be happy to share photos that I know won’t gain many likes but are more ‘me’ than what I currently share. On my instagram I share mainly photos of myself, because they rank higher, but I’d prefer to be showing you the things I look at and love. My Facebook is something I really don’t know what to share, I don’t like sharing the same content as my instagram but the audience is very different and people miss out on things…inspiration is welcome!

I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Much Love,

Em x