Okehampton Times, 24th July 2014

Okehampton Times, 24th July 2014

I’ve recently been very lucky with the people I have met and the opportunities I have been given.

I find one thing always leads to another and doing some photography for the Young Farmers led to doing more photography at Devon County Show and there I met the lovely John Hutchins from The Okehampton Times.

John must have heard something in what I told him about my life in the 5 minutes we spoke that made him want to write a article on me and a couple of weeks ago he came out to my family farm to ask me a few questions.

Now the profile is in today’s Okehampton Times (click image on left to see full size and read).

I want to thank every single person who is responsible for where the business has grown to, whether you have bought a greetings card from me or had me as your wedding photographer it all contributes to the businesses success.

I enjoy what I do a ridiculous amount and honestly never thought I would be where I am.

Emily x