Doing farming photography in the South West means some times I get moments that truly take my breath away. Beautiful moments, emotional moments, picturesque moments and sometimes all three, the latter was what happened when I was asked to photograph New Zealander Matt Smith at his world record sheep shearing attempt.

The aim was to beat the record of 721 set by fellow Kiwi Rodney Sutton in 2007.

The atmosphere was something you could’ve cut with a knife. Seeing not only the look in the eyes of his wife, brother, Dad, family, friends but also the hundreds of spectators was something that brought a tear to my eye also. It was raw emotion and something not often seen in farmers.

He sheared a total of 731 sheep between 5am and 5pm – smashing the record and putting his name at the very top of the shearing world. News reporters from all over the world were there to make sure they were able to cover this momentous event and quite quickly I become proud to be his official photographer.