January to many is the time you have to go back to work after a lovely time off spent with family and friends, the weather normally isn’t great and everything and everyone seems to have lost their christmas spirit and now all dreary.

However I love january, it’s a new year and it’s time to put different ideas into practice. For me and the same with most wedding photographers, in Devon that is, weddings are few and far between meaning you can catch up on everything. You have time to work on some really great ideas, you have time to meet up with the coming year’s wedding couples. You also have a little bit of time to relax (By that I don’t mean sitting watching TV! It just means you don’t have to be living life at 100mph!)

So far I’ve spent 2015 making sure all my paper work is up to date, my website is refreshed with new content and pictures and throughly organising everything ready for the coming manic year!

I now have 35 wedding photography shoots booked for 2015 and already have 12 booked for 2016. 35 may sound a manageable amount but the first isn’t until the end of March and the last is the end of October-(at the moment!). So that’s a wedding every weekend, with some back to back days as well. Which is great and I know some photographers do a lot more than that but I’ve never done that many in one year so I need to be ready and organised now in preparation for it.

As most of you know I don’t only do weddings, and so far in 2015 whilst organising the business I’ve also been here, there and everywhere but mainly the Okehampton area doing family photo shoots.

Here are a few photos from the last couple of days,

This photo was taken on a farm near Yelverton.

I love this photo, just look at the child’s face! -Pure happiness.

devonweddingphotographerDSC_4915emily fleur photography

This family had their photos taken at Haldon Forest.

Haldon is a great location, a beautiful walk just outside of Exeter.

devonweddingphotographerDSC_5221emily fleur photography

and this beautiful little baby was taken at Bridestowe.

devonweddingphotographerDSC_5768emily fleur photography

devonweddingphotographerDSC_5961emily fleur photography

I’m super excited about 2015 and if you have any questions or would like to book me just pop me over a email.

Best Wishes