Meldon Bluebell Woods, Okehampton, Devon

I’m a Devon wedding photographer who wants to be out photographing a beautiful Devon wedding. I already sound like a record stuck on repeat right?

I feel awful complaining when so many people are working so hard to keep the country running, and what am I doing? Sunning myself on my patio. I guess if isolation has taught me something it’s that I actually quite love my job, another thing I feel guilty for.

I often wish I had more time to put into blog writing, to talk about what I’m up to, to tell you all about the incredible weddings, events and families I get the privilege of photographing. I now have more time than ever to write a blog, yet can’t exactly tell you much, other than I’ve decided to dedicate this time into finding my inner landscape photographer.

Devon is incredible, more than incredible, in fact it’s blooming amazing. I’ve been to and seen some incredible places in the world, yet no where is quite like Devon.

This morning I woke up at 5am and climbed to the top of Sourton Tor to photograph the sunrise, why on earth have I never done this before? Yesterday I went on a walk through the bluebell woods, oh my, why haven’t I been there more?

The thing is maybe isolation has actually changed the game up a little, maybe landscape photography is something I should do more of? I live in a crazy amazing place, with the ability to capture it, yet I don’t?

So I think it’s time this Devon wedding photographer started looking into landscape photography…what do you all think?

Stay safe,
Em x

Sourton Tor, Okehampton, Devon