The blog of a Devon Wedding Photographer –

Having been a Devon-based photographer for over six years, I’ve learnt an awful lot about the whole process and can hopefully give you some useful advice on how to choose the right photographer for your wedding. (And I promise I won’t be biased about who you should book!)

My top 7 tips:

1) Work out what budget you have for a photographer (£1500 is the average for the UK).

2) Work out the main qualities you want in a photographer. For example, do you want a photographer who takes really arty photos, or are you after a more traditional feel? Do you want someone who will stay all day? What are your priorities – lots of group photos, or photos of just you and your partner? Are you after someone who is really helpful on the day or someone who stays out of the way and just captures what is going on from the background? There are so, so, so many different types of photographers that it’s really important you decide what matters to you – then you can book the one who is right for you.

3) Ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations – and make sure you also find out why they did/didn’t like them, because they might have different criteria to you.

4) Take a look online – and remember social media is a brilliant way to check out photographers’ previous work, so you can see whether their style suits you and your preferences.
If you go to wedding fairs, you can also see photographers there, but be careful not to make a rushed booking with a photographer that gives a good sell on the day.

5) Book meetings with your favourite photographers – you need to make sure you get along and have a connection.

6) Check reviews that the photographer has on places other than their website – Facebook pages are a good one to look at because businesses can’t delete any bad ones!

7) Confirm a price with the photographer, making sure you discuss albums etc. that you might want after the wedding and find out whether they’re the same price if you wait until after the wedding day.

8) If you want to be 100% sure that the photographer takes the type of photos you like then book an engagement shoot with them.