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I’ve noticed with a lot of wedding enquires not everyone understands why I like to offer two photographers instead of just one. So I thought I’d write a little blog about what I’ve found useful in having two of us.

  • Are you wanting photos of the groom getting ready/down the pub with the other groomsmen? If you are then one photographer won’t be able to photograph the bride getting ready as well as the groom. Also having an extra photographer with the groom also means you get photos of the guests arriving…something the bride always misses out on!



  • How about during the ceremony would you like photos from the back as well as the front? I love taking photos from the front – when I’m allowed! However I always feel the first kiss photo usually looks better from the back.


  • The time after ceremony is quite a busy moment in the day, due to the fact all the guests are wanting to congratulate the bride and groom whilst I’m on a tight schedule of timings and needing to get photos taken. I now have quite a good routine of how to get the group photos taken swiftly and well however it’s a lot easier for this to go smoothly if you have another photographer helping to position people correctly.



  • … Also it’s very helpful if whilst I am getting natural photos of the guests after the group photos if another photographer can quickly pop to where the reception is and get photos of the room as well as the table settings before everyone enters.



  • After the group photos is the time I generally take the photos of just the bride and groom, finding somewhere out of the way of everyone else so they can finally have a catch up and a bit of time to relax. To have a extra pair of hands to help position the brides dress or to take the photo from a different angle is something I would encourage any photographer to think about.


  • Speeches time! This 100% is a time I love having two angles. Being able to sit on the floor just in front of the top table capturing photos of the expressions from main table whilst another photographer is catching all the guests responding to whats being said is wonderful. As most of you will know most weddings have a top table facing the guests so you’d have to be moving around a lot to take photos of everyone, but this way enable us to be as discreet as possible.


  • The first dance will come around before you know it, I’d say even though it’s possible to capture the first dance itself on your own, once everyone else has joined in dancing and moving around is a lot more difficult you’ll appreciate why two photographers here is helpful once again!


Best Wishes