With the recent snow closing off many roads and services throughout the country, offices were shut and rural communities were cut off. For many, it meant a day off school or work filled with fun and laughter. For the farmers, it was a very different story.

Frozen water pipes meant animals were left not only out in the cold but also with nothing to drink. The animals that had been in the fields now needed to be brought in or fed more – and urgently. It’s the time where a farmer’s promise to keep his animals safe and happy really comes into play – there is nothing like snow for making everything a team effort for everyone that is on the farm.

Amid the chaos of helping my family keep things running, I tried to photograph some of the more prominent moments – I wanted a real, genuine feel to them and fewer ‘idealist’ moments, but my hands were needed for helping and not photography, sadly!

You can see below those that I did manage to capture – snow makes most things beautiful, but sadly, not farm life.


Remember to always thank a farmer before your meal.