Today I realised a few things whilst I was at church. Whilst I stopped singing and looked around at the people who surrounded me. It dawned on me that I was the other side of the world but I wouldn’t have known it, because it looked just like my church in Okehampton. Yes the building is different but everyone was there for the same reason, the same reason that everyone is in Okehampton church too. They all want to spread love. How awesome is that? I Love that fact more than I love life itself, it’s so inspiring to know there are places all over the world where people meet to simply spread love.
Since being in New Zealand I’ve had a lot of time to think and reevaluate. I spend so much time thinking about emails, the washing up, where I need to be at what time, that I forget to just stop, I mean completely stop, and just think of nothing. I’ve done just that for the last month, and it’s been perfect. I’ve given myself the chance to see what I really want for life. Sounds deep but I mean it. Should we really be living the same year over and over and calling it a life? I’ve realised I need to be challenging myself more, giving as much of myself to others as possible…no I don’t mean like that! I mean giving my time and energy to those who need it, looking out and recognising those who won’t ask for help.
After church I was asked if in two weeks I would stand up and tell everyone how I became a christian. My immediate reaction was ‘are you crazy?!’ But the more I think about it, the more I can’t work out what the best thing to do would be. I honestly don’t believe it’s a story that’ll inspire others to become a christian, and if they’re already at church I doubt they need to know the power god can have over you in your darkest times because they will already know.
So I thought what might be more beneficial is if I either wrote a blog or did a video for others to read/hear. Those who ¬†might need a little pick me up or they might need to hear some words of encouragement. I’m not really sure what you can get out of it, so I’m putting this out to all of you…do you want to hear it?
Much Love,
Em x