The Blog of a Devon Wedding Photographer.

I haven’t blogged in a while, I haven’t blogged because I don’t know what to write, I’m the positive person but with nothing to say. My feelings are completely neutral, Im so so happy and so so sad that I have neutralised. I didn’t think not blogging mattered as I am always sure no one reads these blogs, but the other day someone said, ‘I’m really missing your blogs, you should sort that out!’ and I was in shock, turns out people have noticed and are waiting, wondering what is going on. So I’m going to explain…

Since getting home from New Zealand and Canada, I’ve struggled. Struggled because I just can’t work out life. Mainly because I went to such amazing countries and met such wonderful people that I don’t think I should be staying in one place now, I should be helping those who need me. I have God, great family and great friends yet I feel lost. I’m lost in a world that is so willing to accept me, I’m lucky for that, lucky because not many people can say that. Yet I’m just floating around in this bubble of amazingness, yet somehow feeling sad. In my amazing bubble are the most understanding friends, friends that you couldn’t imagine existing, they’re always there for me and I have amazing times with, them combined with my family. I have the most absolutely crazy family, yet daily we are telling each other we love and care for one another, supporting each others goals, as if they were our own. This bubble is pretty big because somehow I also have my job/career/passion whatever you like to call it. I’m pretty lucky when it comes to my ‘job’ because not only do I adore it but I also have the most wonderful customers who do as well, I have daily excitement over new ideas and get to work with someone who inspires me. God holds this bubble together, he’s the circle of the bubble and keeps me and my life within it afloat.

This all sounds pretty great right? Well yeah, it is, yet somehow I’ve been struggling to understand direction. But I have a sneaky feeling I’m getting on the right side of it now, purely because I’ve learnt I don’t know where I’m heading, so I’m going to put my time into my bubble, helping others as much as possible, and just letting life go in the direction it is suppose to.