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Do you want to know?

Today I realised a few things whilst I was at church. Whilst I stopped singing and looked around at the people who surrounded me. It dawned on me that I was the other side of the world but I wouldn’t have known it, because it looked just like my church in Okehampton. Yes the building…

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2019 Plans

1. Learn more. Life is a journey much longer than the destination you expect and you’ll never have enough knowledge to prepare you for the path ahead. That’s my advice to anyone leaving school. You leave school thinking you know everything. You may or may not have a plan but either way you think you…

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I’ve lied but let’s focus on the positives.

I’ve told two lies in the last couple days, I lied yesterday when I did a rally track and I told the instructors I had a drivers licence(I miss driving more and more everyday and this was one way I could do it!) and I lie everyday when people ask ‘so are you okay now?’.…

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2 years on – What’s going on?

Today marks the 2 year anniversary since my brain haemorrhage. There’s a lot that has happened over the last two years. Many stories I have told you all either on here or in person about times that have been harder than imaginable as well as the times that have been incredible. I’ve always tried to…

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The Dean Family

The blog of a Devon Family Photographer. Doing a family photo shoot is something I always cherish and get a buzz from. I adore taking photos that fit in with the family and can be as true to them and their life as possible. The Dean’s live in a log cabin they built themselves so…

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Emily & Scott

The blog of a Devon Wedding Photographer. A South Devon beach location for this couple’s engagement shoot proved to be the perfect spot!

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Claire & Ed

The blog of a Devon Wedding Photographer. This July I get to photograph the wedding of the wonderful Claire and Ed. As with all of my couples before their wedding I did a photo shoot for them, theirs being on Ed’s family farm.

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