‘You two are too young to be photographers’ This is a line that occasionally is said to Amy and I at weddings. Yes we are 17 and 19 but does that mean we have any less ability than someone older?


Plus sides, we are young so have more energy, to do a full on 12 hour day of constant smiling and being adaptable. We can move quickly, so when you suddenly need something or a image the other side of a field arrises we are there. Our joints can cope with being in one position for over half an hour, this often happens in churches to Amy when she’s at the back and to me whilst the speeches are happening and I’m in front of the top table. We love a party just as much as you, so we won’t be boring when your drunk guests want silly photos taken. We are current and know whats on trend, bored of photos when everyone is stood in a straight line? So are we! We are open to learning new things and constantly improving our photography knowledge, we don’t think we’re always right and we know there is always going to be more to learn as new equipment is regally realised. We are good with technology, we’ve been brought up in the generation that understands computers and can competently get the editing done well and quickly. We love children, Amy is a big sister and I’m a Auntie, but we don’t have the commitment of having our own, something that comes in handy when theres little ones on your day.


Down sides, we have never used film cameras so our knowledge is different to the traditional ways. We don’t know the formality of weddings 20 years ago, but does that really matter?

Group photos are not a problem even though we are small! Organising them is something I’d say we now have a good routine for. We know each other pretty well, and know each of our roles to make them go quickly and smoothly. Amy will have a list of the photos, and will be getting the next photo ready whilst I take them. This is what we’ve found works best and I’m not afraid of being loud enough to get everyones attention for the main group photo. We do the main group photo of everyone first so we have everyone in one place for the other photos.


The decision is yours and if you think we’re too young maybe ask your self, do you really think we’re too young or are you just surprised. I’ve just counted and we’ve now done 99 weddings – (exciting times for next weeks one!) So you can decide if 99 over the last 4 years is enough experience.

Best Wishes