Wanting accommodating photographers? Recently I saw this image on Pinterest.


This really surprised me and made me think, is this something a lot of you struggle with and why? What are you wanting from a photographer? Here at EFP we like to think we adapt to our couples and do our very best to do what it is that you require, being flexible isn’t something we feel we need to do but something we want to do. I would like to say we do what you want, and aren’t too structured but now i’m not so sure?

I’m defiantly not saying ‘Book us we’re perfect’ I’m saying, I think what we offer is what couples want, but is it? Please let me know what it is you exactly want!

Since seeing this I have looked into what other photographers offer and how they go about about giving their couples, their photos. I know you’d think this is something every business should do anyway, but I actually try hard not to look at the way other photographers run there business, and instead just focus on what I think is right. 

Here is a link to my ‘Prices page’ you’ll see we have a rough guide to what we offer,  looks fairly structured I suppose? but it does say above.. ‘Here is a rough guide of what we charge, but if theres anything you’d like to add/take away let us know.’

I’d love to know if this is what you like to find whilst looking for a photographer, or you’d rather no price guide at all?

The only thing I will say is, I’m very passionate about getting couples back their images quickly and I will always give every couple no matter what you want included on the day, you’ll get all the images I think are good, edited and on a memory stick and I will never say ‘you get 300 included the others are £10/image’ or something along those lines! This is something that really annoys me actually, because I love all my images being appreciated and seen, after all they are you’re images that you paid me to take.

So is this what you brides and grooms want? Let me know!

Best Wishes