1. Learn more.

Life is a journey much longer than the destination you expect and you’ll never have enough knowledge to prepare you for the path ahead. That’s my advice to anyone leaving school. You leave school thinking you know everything. You may or may not have a plan but either way you think you know everything you are going to need to know to get you through life. I left school certain of two things. 1) I knew I wouldn’t need qualifications. 2) If you create a life you like, then you don’t need a holiday; I felt the concept of a holiday was a sad reflection of people wishing to escape their norm. I wanted to prove that life was worth more than chasing qualifications and holidays. I’d say I’ve proved the first, I could be as busy as I wanted with the photography, with zero qualifications. I am honestly so blessed to be in that position and I know it. However now, just over 6 years later, all I want is to learn, learn as much as possible, read as many books and have lots of travel experiences that give me knowledge (16 year old Emily would find the fact I want to read and travel hilarious!) Due to my job I get into a lot of conversations with so many different people and I’m often having to wing it pretending I know what they’re talking about and afterwards, I’m left feeling stupid that I didn’t know something. My parents watch Pointless everyday whilst my Mum cooks tea; the fact people can answer those questions is beyond me! Truly! I want to fill 2019 with learning…on a vast range of topics…who knows, by the end of the year maybe I will be able to join in at least some of the answers with Mum too…!

2. Change Emily Fleur

I want to be a person not a business, so the plan is to do blogs and vlogs as Emily Fleur and have my photography on South West Photographers .When I started doing photography I didn’t intend on it becoming a business and I’m now left feeling that my name is a business not a person…sounds strange I know, but I want Emily Fleur to be a real person who isn’t just a photographer.

3. Church 

Considering I try to go every Sunday, not many people know that I’m a Christian…I know, I know turns out you don’t have to be 80 or a bit weird to go to church…! In 2019 I want to get more involved with the wonderful people there. The church I go to is in Exeter and has sooo many people my age, I’d love to do more with them, mainly attending the sessions they put on for 20-30’s, who knew church can be fun! Also related to my earlier post, I’d like to show everyone else via blogs & vlogs what we get up to.

4. Do more with my Friends & Family

The last 6 years all my friends and family have been so wonderful and understanding that the business comes first, but it’s time to enjoy my social life not social media. This is something that won’t come naturally as I love working which means when I am not then I am resting, but getting ill showed me that my life can’t be all work and it’s okay not to reply to emails straight away. Also I have learnt that a good photo doesn’t have to appear on social media, I can actually just keep it for my own benefit.

The bit of OCD inside of me is not happy I haven’t put 5 things, but at least it’s an even number!

Much love from sunny New Zealand.

(Photo taken just after Lucy had fallen in the creek! -Highlight of my time over here so far)

Em x