2015 weddings are nothing more than distant memories now, We had such a great year and loved the variety of weddings we got to photograph. Memories from a wedding are kept alive through the images captured, and our aim photographing every wedding is to capture the true feeling of the day, natural photography is key to our style and this is clearly popular with our couples comments. 

I asked my 2015 couples if they could let me know there favourite image and why it was.

Below are the photos and comments I received.




We have so many favourite photo’s from our wedding day, to choose just one is nearing impossible. However we both love this photo because of its sentimental value to us. This photo was taken on the farm where Stephen spent his childhood but also the place where we are starting out our married life together. To add to the beauty of it, in the far distance you can see Dartmoor a place where Stephen and I are very found of and have spent many a summers evening enjoying the moors



Thank you so much for everything, we’ve both been telling everyone about how great you are at your job and the service you provide.

We both love this photo as the reflection of the water made such a great photo. The way a bit of plant comes across in front of the bridge and the greeny colours and being portrait.


Chris and I just feel that with it being a natural photograph it sums us up as a couple – looking so chilled, relaxed and happy! We also really like that the location back drop is a comparison when being compared to my beautiful dress detail and Chris’s smart suit.

natural photography

natural photography in Salcombe – Wedding


We both really like the photo below. The castle turrets in the background, along with the backdrop make it a beautiful photo.



It is our favourite as we both feel it capture’s how happy we are and also scenery around us it fantastic. The cattle look natural and are happy to be there. Just a fantastic photo.



I have so many wonderful photos from you, but I do particularly like this one, we both look very happy and relaxed, and all the natural photography! Thank you again so much.



This is definitely our favourite. We have used it for our thank you cards and have it enlarged and framed. It is such a beautiful photo, such natural photography! The light is amazing and it captures the happiness of the day. We love having all of our friends and family in the background and we both look relaxed and full of love and joy. 

natural photography

natural photography in Chagford

This would have to be one of our favourite photos as it was taken in my grans garden which held many fond memories. It is such a beautiful location and gives an absolutely stunning background. It was somewhere special for both of us to have our photos and to make our first treasured memories as mr and Mrs Lapham.

natural photography

We liked this one as the background of the road and trees was great ( we liked the colour one but especially the pure black and white version) and because it was a natural shot of us smiling at each other and looking happy- and I got my bouquet in it too. We loved all the natural photography!


Natural photography at Bickleigh Mill