Today marks the 2 year anniversary since my brain haemorrhage.

There’s a lot that has happened over the last two years. Many stories I have told you all either on here or in person about times that have been harder than imaginable as well as the times that have been incredible.

I’ve always tried to keep you all up to date on what is going on but some things I find more difficult to say than others. Below are 4 things I want to share with you that are both good and not so good…

1)Petit mal seizures…
I tried making a video a couple of months ago but I just couldn’t, it was too hard to say, I was certain that my life was never going to be as good again so I struggled to say what needed to be said.

Turns out I won’t be getting my driving license back and to many this wouldn’t be an issue. However, if we take away my passion for driving and just think about the practicalities, it actually means I can’t do my ‘job’ either. Not being able to do photography would kill me, it’s more than just a ‘job’ to me; yes it’s what pays my mortgage but it’s also what gives me energy and life. It’s knowing I’ve made a difference to somebody’s day. I do it quite simply because I love making people happy – as cringe as that sounds, it’s true!

So why won’t I be getting it back? Well it turns out I am having a seizure just in my brain every ten minutes, I only realised something was wrong due to the fact when I’m talking I sometimes ‘blip’ for a second or two. It’s nothing major and no one really notices but I did notice and it’s enough for the them to take my license away. I’ve been having these ‘blips’ as I call them since I was little, however I was completely unaware it was actually part of another brain condition. (It was getting boring saying I had ‘a brain condition’ now I get to say I have two!)

So because my brain stops for a second or two it would be too dangerous having me on the roads, which I completely understand but hard to stomach the truth. I cried for a good two days when I was told, it was in fact the first appointment in which I cried in. I’ve been in many appointments over the last two years and have been told so many scary and not so great things but being told my license was going, was one thing I wasn’t able to handle. After a good two days crying I kind of felt bad, God has been so kind so me and pretty much enabled my life to be back to ‘normal’, and here I was moping around at one small hurdle that I could certainly tackle head on if I tried.

2)My most recent brain scan.

I had a CT in June and they’ve noticed that the AVM I have (the thing that caused my brain haemorrhages) has started to shrink – woohoo some good news! 40% of it has gone… however with the good always comes the bad and because of this there is now more swelling in that area so I will be experiencing bad headaches again…not so great but at least it is a step in the right direction.

3) My office!

I won’t say too much on this as I am going to be sharing a video on Wednesday, however… I HAVE MOVED OFFICE!! I now have a new office in Okehampton which is enabling me to be able to have a much better work/life balance – finally!

4) Milly

This certainly shouldn’t have been left until last but I wanted to end on a high!!

I now have the wonderful Milly working for me full time. Milly has been a huge asset to have over the last couple weeks and I’m sooo excited for what the future holds for her as she gains even more skills as a photographer. Milly has previously done 4years working for a talented local photographer, where she has been taught many skills that should be of great use as a photographer here at Emily Fleur.

You’ll be able to meet Milly in Wednesday’s video!

Right I think that is you all caught up ☺️

See you all at Okehampton Show on Thursday!

Best Wishes
Emily x