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 Emily-Fleur is a 21-year-old photographer born and raised in the Devonshire countryside.

”I’ve always cherished photos: they truly capture a moment and no matter what changes, the photo will remain the same.

I  love photography and when I left school at 16 I started doing it professionally. I find my age means I am able have a more up to date outlook on traditional subjects.

Whenever I’m taking photographs I realise that none of these moments will come back. The only things that are left are your memories and photos to help you cherish these special times. Because of this I very rarely set up a shot, and instead I always aim to capture natural photos, resulting in more relaxed subjects and more spontaneous images.”

She has been running ‘Emily Fleur Photography’ since 2012 and in this time has had the widest range of clients and events to photograph. Having captured over 100 weddings, as well as over 400 photo shoots, means she has leant many skills quite quickly but the main skill she says she has learnt is ‘To always expect the unexpected!’ 



Emily is now one of the most successful young wedding photographers in the country.
I can’t help but feel that this is due to the amount passion she has for photography, and it is growing with every event she covers – Something 6 years into a ‘job’ not many can say.





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